Our Focus


By harnessing the power of partnership, working with Westminster City Council, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, TfL, resident associations, owners and occupiers, we aim to drive transformational change in the Knightsbridge business community. Providing support, insight, resources and a collective voice for member businesses, our approach will be delivered through our pillars, outlined below.

Our Pillars
Our Pillars

Supporting Business Recovery

The BID’s response will focus on two distinct but connected elements of local recovery. First, it will coordinate a district wide programme of activities to attract visitors back to Brompton Road and Knightsbridge.

Second, it will work with residents, local community groups and our two councils to ensure that the economic recovery benefits the wider local community, in terms of employment and training opportunities to build back a better, more sustainable district for all.

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The Power of Partnership

Everyone who invests, works and lives in our district has a clear interest in its future. In creating positive working relationships with partners, we can deliver the improvements that are needed to ensure that that future is bright for us all. The BID will be a voice for business interests, but any vision for the district can only be achieved with the support of partners in the local community and local authorities. We will collaborate with our key businesses, local councils, the Mayor and Transport for London while keeping in mind residents’ interests and those of other nearby institutions and organisations.

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International Centre Designation

Knightsbridge is one of two International Centres formally designated by the Mayor in his London Plan and recognised in The Kensington and Chelsea Local Plan and the Westminster City Plan.

This designation provides the opportunity to promote policies at national and local level which specifically apply to the International Centres, such as enhanced levels of street management, better policing trading regulations. In the face of international competition, the BID will provide the opportunity for our district to work together with the West End International Centre BID, other BIDs and our local authorities to promote this part of central London as a truly global destination whilst seeking to mitigate any impact of commercial activity on the residential area.

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Transformational Change

Popular destinations have a strong sense of place and a steady investment pipeline. Through ongoing consultation, the BID will bring together the private and public sector to input into the schemes and to invest in changes that will benefit our whole community.

In order to realise this potential we are taking a holistic view, addressing the challenges and opportunities for the district. With our partners we will be improving the public realm, traffic management, and street services, and generally making the district a more pleasant and welcoming place for those who live, work and shop in the area.

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Business Support & Insights

The BID takes an area-wide approach to measures that help business development and growth. These will be regularly reviewed and developed over time in response to the evolving needs of the retail and leisure sector, initially we are including an insights programme to monitor absolute and relative performance and inform business planning.

The insights programme will include:
- Data Services: Footfall and sales data [when available]
- Regular Updates: Provision of weekly political and operational newsletters
- Events Programme: A programme of networking and business insight events
- Education & Skills: Workshops, seminars and training with experts on key issues