A letter to our members from the Westminster After Dark team

Dear Westminster Business,

The Westminster Evening and Night time Plan, known as Westminster After Dark is aimed at creating a vibrant, safe, and inclusive environment during the evening and night hours. As we embark on crafting the Plan, we extend a warm invitation for your active participation in our upcoming Stakeholder Assembly. The Council is committed to developing its inaugural Evening and Night time Plan, aiming to capture the diverse needs, aspirations, and desires of our communities. To achieve this, your valuable insights are crucial.

Why Participate?

  • Influence Change: Westminster After Dark is actively challenging and reshaping plans and policies. Your participation ensures that critical business interests are well represented in this transformative process.
  • Enhance Business Engagement: We’re dedicated to fostering impactful engagement and open dialogue, spotlighting challenges integral to the plan’s development. Your business perspective is crucial for truly meaningful conversations.
  • Shape Policies Through a deliberative democracy approach, we aim to collaboratively craft a vision for Westminster’s Evening and Night time. Your input is instrumental in outlining a framework that contributes meaningfully to the city’s vibrancy.

How to Register:

The Stakeholder Assembly is planned to take place over three consecutive Saturdays (27th January, 3rd February and 10th February 2024 between around 10am 4pm) in a central Westminster location. To register your interest and ensure your voice is heard, please visit: Stakeholder Assembly: Register your Interest.

Further Information Stay Engaged: For additional details about Westminster After Dark, and to stay engaged and contribute to the ongoing discussion, explore our Commonplace platform, where you can access key information and share your thoughts and comments related to Westminster After Dark: Have Your Say Today Westminster After Dark: An Inclusive And Dynamic City Commonplace.

If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to email us at westminsterafterdark@westminster.gov.uk.

Your active participation is crucial in shaping the future of Westminster’s Evening and Night time.

Best Regards,

Westminster After Dark Team

Westminster City Council