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Elevating Knightsbridge

We are a Business Improvement District, committed to maintaining standards in London’s most refined community.

We will help Knightsbridge shine bright, protecting its uniquely British heritage and its global reputation. Together with our members and partners, we will deliver an exceptional destination to live, work and visit, providing for the local community while attracting high value visitors from the UK and abroad.

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Latest news and views

Unveiling One Hooper’s Court

A Brand New State-Of-The-Art Office Building on the Historic Knightsbridge Estate

BID explores Knightsbridge’s International Centre ambitions

The Partnership BID has released the initial findings of its audit into the needs of landowners, policy makers and others in considering how the district should develop and grow over time.

BID Street Team go from Strength to Strength

Making a difference to the Knightsbridge and Brompton Road areas, supporting businesses and helping members of the public.

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“The BID will act as a voice for businesses and a catalyst for much needed improvements which will benefit everyone who lives and works here to help secure a vibrant, viable and sustainable future for Knightsbridge.”

Michael Ward, Chairman, Knightsbridge Partnership

An ornate sign sits above a door. It reads "Knightsbridge 1907".
Two doorman, one taller than the other, stand by the entrance to a building. They are wearing top hats and formal attire.