Safer West Central Partnership

The Knightsbridge Partnership has launched the new business crime reduction partnership in collaboration with the Safer Business Network. The Safer Business Network is a Community Interest Company, which coordinates and administers several award-winning business crime reduction partnerships (BCRPs) across some of London’s most challenging and diverse boroughs. The partnership brings businesses together, with the police, council and other interested stakeholders to reduce crime, violence and anti-social behaviour that have negative impacts on profitability of businesses and the ‘look and feel’ of the Knightsbridge area.


At the end of October, the Knightsbridge Partnership in collaboration with the Safer Business Network will launch SentrySIS. Members will be granted access to a secure, GDPR-compliant intelligence database, which allows our members to submit incident and intelligence reports, share news, receive crime prevention advice, and communicate with the BCRP team. In addition, a secure, GDPR-compliant ‘chat app’ facilitating instant communication business to business and with partners will be launched. The chat app protects members from the vulnerability it may otherwise face by sharing data via platforms such as WhatsApp. 

The intelligence gathered via the SentrySIS platform will be utilised to build case files against prolific offenders and support applications for community protection notices (CPN) and criminal behaviour orders (CBO).

Through the partnership with the Safer Business Network, members of the Knightsbridge Partnership will get access to training to build resilience and reduce the negative impacts of crime and anti-social behaviour.