Westminster Works launches for hospitality businesses and job seekers

Westminster Works held its official launch event on Monday 10th October, heralding a new way of helping world class hospitality and leisure businesses operating within the Westminster City Council region to fill important staff vacancies. 

The new service – a Westminster City Council programme being led by the Knightsbridge Partnership and New West End Company – actively promotes vacancies for Westminster Works businesses only to job seekers.

At the heart of the programme is a pledge from employers to candidates providing clear commitments to their employees about respect, reward, and progression. The goal is to help shake off any outdated negative perceptions of working in hospitality and leisure, while also attracting the highest quality candidates.

Westminster Works is supported by a dedicated team of full-time recruitment professionals working with schools, colleges and other sources of job seekers, encouraging enthusiastic people to consider employment in Westminster Works businesses.

In addition, the team focuses on encouraging experienced job seekers back into work and includes a host of services to help businesses identify, recruit and retain staff.

Steven Medway, CEO of the Knightsbridge Partnership, comments:

“Westminster Works is a fantastic new recruitment programme that brings together businesses with employees who actively want to find jobs.

“We’re hoping this will make hospitality an exiting profession for job seekers again and show people there are real career opportunities in the sector.” 

“This new scheme sends a very strong signal to job seekers that Westminster Works businesses care about their staff and it does so in the context of Westminster being home of some of the world’s most dynamic, diverse and sensational hospitality and leisure businesses.”


Find out more about Westminster Works here.